get to know me meme: [1/5] tv shows → friends
Welcome to the real world, it sucks. You’re gonna love it.


first rule of fight club

  1. no fightin!…shakira shakiraaa

Happy 56th Birthday Peter Capaldi! [14/04/58] "I’d tell my younger self: worrying that you are crap is a waste of time. Worrying that you can’t do it is a waste of time. Worrying that you failed is a waste of time. No one cares. Just get on with it. I’d tell him to celebrate being different. In the end, my Glasgow accent didn’t matter. The fact I was different would provide me with the employment I’ve had.”

I just love your little soldier face. I’d like to punch it.

TOW Joey’s Inteview pt. 3

No best friend, no. Just a lot of close friends.


How long are you going to stay with me? Forever.

Teen Wolf Cast | 2014 mtv movie awards, arrivals.

Ansel Elgort on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet